Tim Tom and Jimbob

The story of Tim, Tom and Jimbob revolves around an odd, dysfunctional trio living under the same roof. Tim and Tom are twin brothers, rooming with single father of one Jimbob, who has been a father figure to them for years. They fight sometimes, but deep down they know they can't live without each other.

I created these characters back in high school, featuring them in class projects and such, and since then have been pretty much sitting on them until now. The lack of noses, ears and mouths is intentional and more of a style choice; it's how I drew them back then and to change that now would just feel unnatural. I don't expect this series to become a huge cultural phenomenon (although that would be nice), since this series is merely a stepping stone toward my cartooning career. I've studied Liberal Arts in college and took many Life Drawing classes to better my artistic skills. I'm also learning basic animation skills online.

This series is my first attempt at getting my name out there, both in the form of my art and my writing, and if it gets popular enough, expect to see even better stuff coming soon. New comic strips are to be posted periodically, so be sure to check back often.